You will need these tools for your rental house


Buying a house has become a far fetched dream for young adults especially with the hikes of prices in properties nowadays. Therefore, renting a house is the only option left for young adults. Renting a house in the city might be a financial burden to young adults as well so they are advised to look for houses that are further down from the city such as house that is for rent in Seremban. Renting a house is not such a bad idea after all, because you get to save the money for maintenance fees and repairing fees. However, you will need to have a handy toolbox for your rental house that might help you through some minor incidents.

Theses are the basic tools that you will definitely need for your rental house, plus they do not cost you an arm and a leg too.

Tape measure


Tape measure is one of the most basic, low cost item from your toolbox that is critical even before you move into your rental house. It will be handy when it comes to shopping for furniture for your new rental house. Use it to measure spaces in your home and make sure the furniture that you are buying fits through the doorways and hallways. You can use it to measure the width of your windows for binds and curtains as well. A good 25 foot tape measurement will be enough for measuring and can be found at most local hardware stores.

Utility knife


Utility knife will be an essential tool in your toolbox and will definitely be handy when you move out of your old place and move in to your new place. Use the sharp edge of the knife to unbox the moving boxes that are well taped. You can also use the utility knife to gently scrape on the previous paint or wallpaper.



This level will help you to keep your hanging art, curtain rods or shelves as well aligned as possible. A level ensures your hanging arts and shelves stay perfectly horizontal. Say bye to crookly-hung photos.


Sure you are not allowed to hammer nails onto the wall as stated in the lease agreement, but a good lightweight hammer will suffice in helping you in some minor home improvements or interior design projects, such as building furniture. If a dresser drawer comes apart, just lightly tap the joint with your lightweight hammer to push it back into place.

Screwdriver set

This handy device can assist you with various projects that you are working on in your house, or help you with some minor repair jobs. Having a multiple sizes screwdriver set is better than having a one-sized screwdriver as it allows you to fix and solve different furniture problems from big falling cabinet doors to hanging photos. A good Philips screwdriver is good enough to last you a lifetime.

Assorted nails, screws and hooks

It is a good idea to keep different nails and hooks at home because minor home repair projects will arise unexpectedly. Keep them in your toolbox and you will never know when you need to replace a hook on your drawer, a screw on the door knob or a nail to hang your artwork. You can get them easily as most hardware stores sell different nails, screws and hooks where you can stock up with different sizes and keep them organized in your toolbox.

Hex wrench set


This hex wrench set, also known as hex key set usually comes with different sizes in a box and it is mostly used for assembly or to fasten bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. This is a versatile and handy tool that should be in every toolbox. You can find amazing hex wrench set with all sizes on most hardware stores.

Electric drill

An electric drill can be an optional item in your toolbox and you can go without a drill, but it is definitely helpful when it comes to drilling holes for your drawers or shelves. An electrical drill will make the assembling of big furniture an easier job. Imagine needing to drill holes in your furniture that cannot be done with a normal screw. That is when your electric drill comes to good use. Invest in an all-in-once electric drill to have your screwdriver and drill in one tool if you wish as an electric drill not only drill holes but also it helps to drive screws as well.


While most phones nowadays might make a good flashlight replacement, nothing beats having a real flashlight to help you navigate your home when there is a blackout. Furthermore, it is a safer alternative to lighting up candles, especially if you have young children at home. It is a good idea to keep multiple flashlights at home in case of any emergencies. Even if there are no emergency situations, a flashlight can be a reliable source of light. Keep them in an accessible place so you can reach out to it easily. You can easily find flashlight at a low price from any hardware stores ranging from flashlights that are battery powered to flashlights that are solar powered.

A basic toolkit goes a long way and all these handy tools should fit in a basic toolbox. It is important to equip yourself with these tools to help you maintain your rental home by fixing minor home improvements.