Why Bukit Batok could be your next place to reside

image.Are you planning to upgrade your current home and wanting buy a new property but you have not decided on which neighborhood to choose. If your answer to that is a yes, you might want to consider getting a condominium in Bukit Batok. This article will guide you through the reasons on why Bukit Batok could be your next place to reside.


Bukit Batok, also known also the Little Guilin has its named derived from the word “Batok”, which means skull top in Malay. This is portrayed by the hills in Bukit Batok Area. Bukit Batok was also a partial industrial area in the past but has since become a housing estate in the 1970s.

  1.     Laser tag + $1 massage
Credit Picture : HOMETEAMNS

Thinking hard on how to spend your weekends wisely? Why not have a game of laser tag with your friends at The Clubhouse at Home Team NS? You get to try the air rifles, have a bowling session, karaoke session at the karaoke lounge and best of all, you get to enjoy an awesome massage at the massage chair that cost only $1 for 16 minutes. That is a pretty good deal and good way to spend your weekend with your friends.

  1.     Photoshoot session at the town park


You will be amazed at the breathtaking scenery at Bukit Batok Town Park. This town park has earned itself a title of Little Guilin due to its breathtaking beautiful scenery. Bukit Batok Town Park has housed a granite factory once in the past until 1980s, however, it has fallen into disuse after that. Therefore, the remaining of the granite is now the towering cliffs that we see today. Still, it is one of the top choices for wedding couples to have their photoshoot sessions in Bukit Batok Town Park.

Little Guilin
Credit Pic: 2009 Street directory

As we know how beautiful Bukit Batok Town Park is, it has then become a hot spot for couples to take wedding pictures. Despite being far away from the city, it is still a well known place for people to take Instagram worthy pictures to post on their social media. If you are not up for a photo shoot session, Bukit Batok Town Park could be a good place for you to just chill and relax yourself, or even have your yoga practice.

  1.     Amazing food

Singaporeans love their local food and are willing to travel all the way just to hunt for good food. New Ubin Seafood is no stranger to Singaporeans as it is well known for its amazing Zi Char delicacies, such as the famous chilli crab. Not only the chilli crab, do give the Angus Beef Steak sprinkled with sea salt, comes with caramelized onions and potato wedges a try and you will love it for sure if you are a beef steak lover.

Pic Credit : IG New Ubin Seafood
  1.     Soya sauce chicken
Picture Credit : IG @kennethong

Joyden canton Kitchen located at Bukit Batok is a Cantonese restaurant that serves a variety of contemporary and traditional Cantonese dishes. If you are unsure of what dish to order, do try out their signature famous Joyden Soy Sauce Chicken. Think tender and well marinated chicken, you will definitely love this dish a lot. Other than the famous soya sauce chicken, there are also many Cantonese dishes that are worth trying out.

  1.     Beer buffet 

Great news for alcohol lovers or people who want to spend their time chilling, drinking and talking at the same time. The RawR Kitchen has received many good reviews and it is a microbrewery cum restaurant that serves beer buffet. The RawR Kitchen specializes in craft beer and customers get to choose between 11 types of different beers by On Tap Brewery. The recommended Wheat Beer has won a second place in the Asia Beer Medal Awards. If you like it, opt for the affordable beer buffet that costs only $35 and you get to drink all you want for a whole 2 hours. You can even order the deep fried pork belly and salted egg yolk wings to pair with your beer.

Are you convinced yet? If you are, thinking of getting a resale HDB flat in Bukit Batok, do check out the table below for the average HDB resale price:

Year 3 bedrooms 4 bedrooms 5 bedrooms
2016 $326,500 $423,200 $525,750
2015 $327,750 $422,350 $520,300
2014 $351,875 $448,475 $541,750

There are also condominium units available at Bukit Batok neighborhood that is worth checking out.

In conclusion, Bukit Batok is a great place to reside at with a granite mountain in your backyard and some of the best Zi Char stall and cafes in Singapore that you can visit. You can also check out some hidden gems that most Singaporeans do not know about. Furthermore, Bukit Batok is a peaceful and quiet housing estate as compared to the busy neighborhood such as the Central Business District (CBD) or Orchard Road.



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