CAPE TOWN – #throwback

Alhamdulillah… Im so thankful to Allah coz he gives me so much wonderful experience and best moment in my life and also good friends from all over the world. Through my journey for tv9 cooking show last 5 years (2012) in Cape town i have meet Noelfa – Malay Cape women that help us a lot in Cape town. Almost 14 days in cape town she helps us a lot to make sure our recording session run smoothly without any disturbance from all aspect  and  Alhamdulillah nothing happen in fact it was tremendously so good.




Cape town are well known for his Malay Cape community and also one of the most beautiful country for visit. During my journey to Cape town there so much beautiful places that we went especially to do the cooking session. One of the best and beautiful scene is in Du Toits Kloof – Westchester, Bo Kap and etc (Refer to the Pic)





We also managed to see the cutest penguin ever that is located in  Simon’s Town one off the oldest town in Cape Town.


Besides beautiful places for visit, when you travelling you must try all the local food and Noelfa introduce to us so many local food that are so delicious in fact there is few recipe that Noelfa taught and assist Chef Anis during the cooking session. especially their local tradition food.

547075_3217669648753_232620324_n (1)


Then with Noelfa helps we also managed to see Malay Cape community and celebration fest such as Malay Cape wedding, Aqiqah (Given Name Ceremony) and also Quran session that mostly our malay tradition do here.

And also one of the best experience when travelling to Cape Town is to go up to the Table Mountain via Cable Car. On the top of the mountain you can see all over Cape Town area in every single point. Subhanallah!!! It was so so beautiful😍.




Within this five years 2012-2017 Noelfa have visit us here for about 3 times hehehehe and she always pray for us to go to visit her in Cape Town. Insyallah Noelfa soon!!! Alhamdullilah we meet again Wednesday night at Chef Anis house even though you so tired came back from Cameron Highland but you made it.



There is so much stories to share hahahah and Anis and her family feed us lot of good and tempting food!! Thank you kak Anis and her Mom. Just look at the picture, from the main dishes and the dessert wow!! all are so so good 👍.







It was a mini Cape Town Reunion for us and missing Kak Surena, Abang Ejat and Rozamain (crew) i wish you guys can join us to. Every single trip to Malaysia Noelfa always brings us Cape Town spices from Atlas store in Cape Town thank you Noelfa for remembering. Hope you have the best trip here in Malaysia this year. Love. Shah.



Psst: This is my first ever posting in English for a MonthVersary in wordpress.

#KitaSamaSamaKongsi (WeShareTogether)

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